sergio serrano dancer
sergio serrano dancer
sergio serrano dancer
sergio serrano dancer

In the last three years :

KuLe Theater : Experimental theater, performance, concerts, sound lab, workshops. Member of the team that manages the commercial space in central Berlin.

Mica Moca : Old Factory which was conceived as a generator and catalyst for experimental culture, I work from the beginning in this project where the performances acted Nosferatus and Aracnida.
Nosferatu based on the original version, vertical dance and live music. Aracnida based on the study of arachnids, stilts and Skills.

Theatre Groups:

Teatro Só - The Kofptlosen - International Theatre Festival Ludwigshafen, Cologne Zoo.
Feuervogel Theatre - Papillion - E-Werk Berlin - The Enchanted Christmas - Tempelhof Harbour Berlin

Grotest Maru - Time Bank - wawes Festival ( Denmark) , Paderborn Fair , Castle Bröllin , Naumburg , counterpoint Festival Szczecin , theater Mitte Berlin.
Kohlhaas - at festivals Schwert , HolzMinden and the AtenTTion Festival , Eschborn, Frankfurt-Oder , Tempelberg.
Nimphenzeit - Wiesbaden.
Phalanx Bambu - in Augsburg , Potsdam , Karlsruhe, Berlin.
Parada Narrnia - Goethe Institut Mumbai (2012), Perm ( Russia) , Zurich , Berlin , Ludwigshafen, Creilsheim . Metalla - Day of Metallurgy in 2012 in the imperial palace and on the square in Goslar.

Stabfigurencompany Company
Eumel vs. Eumel - Bogota (Colombia) Exhibition Tennis Match Nadal Vs Djokovik
Eumel - Festival Internacional Rosete Aranda Tlaxcala 2013 (Mexico) , Homunculus Festival 2011 (Austria).
At the invitation of the Goethe -Institut: Urban Mela Chennai (India) Indo-German business partnership in 2012 , Russian - German business partnership in 2012 , 150 Years of Friendship Germany 2011 - Japan (Tokyo).
Magic Man - Iper Festival (Belgium), Berlin, Rostock , Heidelberg, Unima World Puppet Theatre Festival 2012 in Chengdu (China).

Lufttanz-Theater Berlin
200 years Faber Castell ,Nuremberg - Bamberg Conjures - Horse Racing Berlin - Marie village - Casino Zurich (Switzerland) - Culture Carnival Hannover.
El Tallercito
The good neighbor in Baiz and Kule Theater Berlin
The Hydra - Figure of the story-tellers in Baiz and Kule -Theater Berlin and Saint Hospital (Nuremberg).

Dulce Compania
Trilogy- Paderborn fair , Schule Eins (Berlin).
Eros and Aphrodite - Forestry Rosengarten - Exterminating Angel - Fredericia (Denmark). Carnival at BMW Welt (Münich).
Eggs - German Railway Gala (Berlin).
- Lucia Christmas Market - Chapel Master, Faun , Aries .

Scaramouche Theatre
Harlequin - Castle Oranienburg.
Nutcracker - "Castle Mall " Berlin -Steglitz

Divine Dance
Dance Videos (Tango , Can Can , Burlesque) Choreography for events and galas. Basel (Switzerland) , Mica Moca (Berlin) , French Revue in Oldenburg.

T- aethernum Theater
Nigrum Anima - Bewegunstheater, dance, rigging.
Tacheles, Acud theater, AckerstadtPalace, Mica Moca. Berlin.

InZhest Theater
The topographer - Remont show. Physical Theater in TeArt and at the Plastform Festival in Minsk (Belarus).
Don Juan - Xtradition Show.Physical Actor in Azgur Museum Minsk (Belarus).

Ballet Zebola & Odjadike
Heaven on Earth Music Festival Wittenberg. African dance on stilts.

Bayogar theater group
The Tuareg . African dance on stilts, Maritim Hotel Berlin.


Workshop leader of Puppetry at StabfigurenCompany , Sticks Puppet theatre in Matanzas (Cuba) XI Internacional Puppet Theatre Festival (2014) and America Unima Congress.
Theatre in Comic (2010) - Lecturer at the Bellas Artes Theatre (Guatemala City). The course was inspired by the aesthetics of comics and the presentation of its various styles , audio-visual theater.
Stilts workshop at InZhest Theater (2013) in Minsk
Stilts Instructor in the Lisa Stein School (2012), for students in 8th Class.
Stilts Instructor in Vüsch (2010 - 2011) , exchange and training.
Workshop leader of Puppetry at StabfigurenCompany (2011) in JTE Berlin.
Stilts Instructor in African- Caribbean - Express eV (2004) for youth with social integration problems in Neukölln .
Acrobatics Instructor at Ostargi Gizarte Elkartea in Samaniego school in Tolosa (Spain 2000-2001), for students from 3rd class to the 8th grade with social integration problems.


Welcome to my Homepage!

Place of Birth : PAMPLONA
Nationality : SPANISH

Graduated in the Performing Arts School of Pasai (Spain)
Dramatic Art School Legaleon T (Spain)
One semester in the Etage School (Berlin); Mimic and Pantomime

Since 2002 working as an actor, pantomime, comedian, stilt walker, puppetteer in Berlin and Internationally. He is a member of Lufttanz (airdance) Theater Berlin, Grotest Maru, and Stabfigurencompany.

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